So, it’s finally updated! A big thank you to Fred Ault of http://www.wasd.thecomicseries.com, for allowing me to use his PC, as mine isn’t working.
For those who don’t know, WASD is a webcomic about general gaming. It doesn’t follow a storyline (possibly some small ones) and isn’t that old. The site design is by me, and the comic’s layout is an edited version of mine.

Anyway, onto Rebel School. After a large, large delay in updates, I finally made a new one. Now, before anybody complains about animal cruelty and stuff, let me say this; don’t. It’s a
couple of pidgeons being blasted away, they’re not definitely dead, they could’ve flown away.
That out of the way, the main plot to this strip was revealing who the cop was. Incase you were confused, in the third panel, you can see the Civil Protection faceplate flying off. It’s not a challenge to guess who it is, but some people might not know.

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What Happens Now?

In the most recent comic, Zak was kidnapped. He wasn’t turned in to a baby (he was cuddling it in the first panel). Of course, those that have played HL2 will realise that Kate is the grieving female found throughout the game, and her friend is the male.
Originally, I had thought of Kate as being the kidnapped one, and Zak escapes to the canals (like in the game). They would later reunite in their travels, and she’d;
• Be killed
• Be headcrabbed
• Get run over by a spewing razor train
• Become a Stalker
Due to the new plot-twist, this wouldn’t work, as her and her partner are found throughout the game. Although, I might be able to find some way around this.

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Some delayment

Unfortunately, there has been a lack of updates with the webcomic. This is due to some technical difficulties with my laptop, as well as my main PC. The laptop has a broken charger, and on my PC, Garry’s Mod (what I make the comic with) doesn’t work properly.
To fill the time until it’s fixed, I have started this blog, and wrote some story and character development.

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